13 Feb

Why Blockchain and Ai are a perfect couple – AbnAsia.org

Why Blockchain and Ai are a perfect couple:
– Ai needs blockchain for its autonomous operation (data accuracy, availability, resiliency, trust). Humans just set the rules once and be gone, set the Ai free to do what we need at the speed we can never catch up with.
– Blockchain needs Ai to survive: Blockchain will have a massive use-case: Ai. With Ai models becoming autonomous, solving what humans need, the clear use case to govern Ai-s is to set the rules and expect Ai-s to follow them. The core values of Blockchain seem to fit very well with that mission.
– So, a part of blockchain will always be here, the better part, the useful part for our future.

At a tipping point, businesses will suddenly see the need and the benefits of this power couple. It’s better to be there to stay competitive and relevant.
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