07 Feb

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ChatGPT, to do or not to do.

A question I often received from executives in large corporates: Should we use ChatGPT in our work? How should we use it? What will it look like in our company? How we shall look like?

There are multiple levels to that question. In short, you definitely should. But there are a few things you should consider:

– Timing: You can either jump in aggressively now, or you can wait to see how it turns out.
– Aggressiveness: You can figure it out and implement it right now, or you can take the lazy approach, to wait for Microsoft to integrate ChatGPT across its product range. Then you just have to use it.
– Specific use cases: Do you currently have specific use cases that ChatGPT might help? Understand that ChatGPT is not a magic wand. Like any tech solution, it has its limitations, and it needs time to mature. Do you understand where it’s good at, especially in your use cases?
– And lastly, should you lock yourself in with a ChatGPT contract? Understanding that rivals will pop up very soon, how much commitment you should put into ChatGPT right now?
And that leads you to the point of multi-Ai strategy (Oops, too fast?)

Unlike some other technology trends where it takes a fairly long time to have any real-world relevance, this has an immediate business impact.

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