23 Oct

[TECH Case] Wells Fargo, Visa Europe, Citibank, EY

Wells Fargo & Company is an international banking and financial services company with more than 70 million customers across 8,700+ locations. With Tableau, Wells Fargo’s customer insights team took what they called messy, “gobblygoop”, disparate data and turned it into sound insights that drove strategy around the redesign of their business banking portal. Now, with Tableau, the team achieves more results with less team resources, propelling them to make business decisions faster.
Read more at https://www.tableau.com/solutions/customer/storytelling-big-data-wells-fargo

VISA Europe: What will increase by using Tableau is two things: Your speed to understanding and realizing the value will be great. What you’ll find at the end of it is that your product is just exciting to engage with. The days of boring graphs and lack of insight …they should be gone.
Read more at https://www.tableau.com/solutions/customer/visa-europe-charges-its-data-storytelling

Focusing on the real business issues at Citibank
Read more at https://www.tableau.com/solutions/customer/focusing-real-business-issues-citibank

EY is a professional services organization, with offices in 150 countries around the world. EY provides risk management services to businesses of all sizes, all across the globe. In this video, Jack Jia, Partner at EY, Hong Kong discusses how the organization is using Tableau to delight clients with fast and effective fraud prevention. With Tableau, EY, Hong Kong has been able to:

  • Save clients millions of dollars and prevent reputational risk
  • Combine several databases into customized datasets for clients
  • Predict fraud and stop it before it happens

Read more at https://www.tableau.com/solutions/customer/ernst-young-saves-clients-millions-and-prevents-fraud-tableau





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