25 Feb

Supply chain dashboard

Manage all the moving parts of your supply-chain with a real-time dashboard.

The only certainty about an efficient supply chain is that it won’t stay that way without careful management and data awareness. A supply chain dashboard provides you with at-a-glance awareness of the status of your inventory and supply chain operations so you can respond to challenges before they become problems.

Carrying Cost of Inventory – Measures how much it costs your organization to store inventory over a given period of time.

Inventory to Sales Ratio – Measures the ratio of in-stock items versus the amount of sales orders you are currently filling.

Order Status – Tracks the real-time status of all orders and categorizes them based on the action taken, such as “On Hold” or “Shipped.”

Inventory Turnover – Measures how often your organization is able to sell your entire inventory in a given year.

Units Per Transaction – Measures the average number of units purchased in each order to establish baselines and to compare that value to target values.

Inventory Accuracy – Compares inventory levels as recorded by bookkeepers to actual stock levels on the warehouse floor.

Rate of Return – Measures the rate at which shipped items are returned to you and categorizes them based on the reasons for return.

Back Order Rate – Measures how many orders are unable to be filled at the time a customer places them.

Perfect Order Rate – Measures how many orders you ship to customers without any incidents.


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