20 Feb

Software Outsourcing Can Lead To Disaster For Businesses If They Haven’t Known These – Experiences from ABN Asia

Although outsourcing is highly advantageous as it helps businesses to reduce time and cost, there is yet good scope for risks and failure. The primary reason lies in many outsourcing vendors overemphasizing their capabilities for fetching up the contract that profits them. A study on outsourcing challenges reveals that ~$2.41 trillion will be burned by software projects in the U.S. because of poor software quality.

Experiences On How To Choose the Right Outsourcing Development Partner:

1) Look for a Good Balance of Technical and Business Expertise

Always look for a development agency that has a good balance of technical and business expertise to ensure that they can jointly deliver the best possible solution to you. In ABN Asia’s experience, developers who are more technical in nature often lack the business acumen to understand all the nuances of the problem clients are trying to solve and vice versa. Finding the right balance of both, technical and business acumen is key to a successful outsourcing project.

2) Discuss First, Hire Later!

Always seek counsel from the outsourcing team before hiring them for development. If you are with the right outsourcing partner with a moral compass, they will tell you if something is not right in the first place, and they will not be after the kill (sale). Early consultation ensures proper team setup and cost efficiency.

3) Ask for Knowledge of Emerging and New Technologies

When considering which development agency to partner with for a potential software project in 2023, knowledge of emerging and new technologies is essential.
A development agency needs to keep up with the technological advances as this knowledge can make all the difference in creating an innovative and creative product; from utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to integrating blockchain capabilities.
Having knowledge in multiple areas of technology encourages developers to be innovative and allows them to create products that otherwise might not be attainable without knowledge of such areas. Therefore, when outsourcing software projects in the future, having knowledge of new technologies is one key factor to look for when partnering with development agencies.

4) Prioritize Reliability and Industry Expertise

Searching for a new business partner can be a challenging process. When looking for someone who offers reliability, industry expertise, and an understanding of the project, transparency, and flexibility are traits that are crucial when working with a new software development provider.
Furthermore, when a company shows that it will focus on keeping you in the loop about the project and shows flexibility for your specific needs, you’re on the right track. It is helpful to review a company’s portfolio and previous case studies to assess its experience in a specific domain or industry. No matter if you can meet or only talk remotely with the team, it’s important to make sure that the company you are hiring is professional and understands your business and the industry you are working in.

In ABN Asia, we are aware of those, and we structured ourselves to ensure those expectations are met and exceeded.

We commit to a combination of 3 values: better, faster, and more reliable. You will often find that our prices are cheaper as well.

So far, all of our customers have become our friends. That speaks a lot about our skills, dedication, and commitment to making good things happen.

Give us a chance to collaborate. You will be delighted.

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