31 Mar

Singapore-based blockchain accelerator partners with BMW, Intel and Nielsen

Singapore-based blockchain accelerator partners with BMW, Intel and Nielsen

The three companies have teamed up with Tribe Accelerator to lend their expertise, knowledge, and best practices to blockchain startups throughout Singapore

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Tribe Accelerator, the first Singaporean government supported blockchain accelerator, has announced a trio of new partnerships with BMW Group Asia, Intel Corporation, and Nielsen.

Launched last year as the blockchain and enterprise arm of venture capital firm TRIVE Ventures, Tribe Accelerator was founded with the aim of leveraging the knowledge and experience of established blockchain companies to help startups in the city-state.

It is supported by Enterprise Singapore, the government agency responsible for developing the country’s startup ecosystem as well as PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Singaporean hub and the South Korean blockchain network Icon Foundation.

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Tribe Accelerator announced the news of the three new partnerships on Friday, stating that the firms will be able to share their knowledge and industry expertise with Tribe’s startups to help the country build an “inclusive” ecosystem that is “ready for industry 4.0.” Each of the three companies have their own unique set of skills that will enable Tribe to drive future growth.

BMW Group Asia are set to teach a masterclass on technology in the automotive industry, best practices in innovation and how to implement blockchain solutions on a mass-market scale.

Dr. Carsten Sapia, Vice President of group IT and head of the Asia Pacific region, BMW Group Asia told reporters, “BMW understands the great potential blockchain technology has for the automotive and mobility industry” and that the company planned to continue “actively collaborating with various organisations globally on further developing this technology in order to transform research into scalable value propositions.”

According to Intel’s blockchain program director Michael Reed, Intel Corporation will offer business and technical mentorship to startups, demonstrating how the company’s existing technologies can help improve privacy, security, and scalability of blockchain solutions.

Meanwhile, Nielsen will help startups that are currently in the testing stage of their new blockchain projects. It will provide a “sandbox” that will allow Tribe ’s startups to test their technologies in a “safe, controlled environment”.

According to a statement put out by Tribe, Nielsen will also help startups to gain a “first-hand appreciation of inherent business risks, understand regulatory environments in which their prospective clients operate, and fine-tune their business models.”

Although Tribe is still a relatively new accelerator, it has been working hard since its inception to further the blockchain ecosystem in Singapore. Only last month, Tribe announced it was partnering with Ethereum development studio ConsenSys.

This partnership saw ConsenSys providing mentoring to the accelerator program and holding consultation sessions with startups from across Singapore.

Tribe Accelerator will begin accepting applications for its second batch next month

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