28 Aug

Press Release: ABN completed a key MIS project in Retail Banking in Vietnam.

Press Release: ABN completed a key MIS project in Retail Banking in Vietnam.

Hanoi, Vietnam – 28.August.2023

ABN, a pioneering software provider in Asia, is thrilled to announce its successful completion of a flagship MIS report work in the Retail Banking sector. The project has delivered insights that changed the perceptions of our banking client towards its female client base, changing the way retail and SME products are perceived, managed, and marketed.

Project Overview

ABN embarked on a journey to study and find insights, through data, in the dynamic field of Retail Banking, to break the conventional norms and find out the hidden insights in the way to serve female clients. The project’s scope encompassed all retail and SME products of the bank, aiming to provide in-depth analysis and strategic insights.

Recognizing the pivotal role that women play in controlling not only household expenditures but also investment decisions, ABN’s MIS Report highlights that an overwhelming 80% of purchase decisions are influenced by women. Additionally, women controlled a staggering 72 trillion USD globally in 2020, underscoring their ascendancy in entrepreneurship and business (Deloitte & BCG reports).

Key Achievements

Through collaborations with the experts from WISE, the Development Bank, and client banking experts, ABN has been able to find out and deliver surprising insights and achievements that have immediate impacts on how banking products are structured, marketed, and supported, opening up multiple new opportunities for the bank.

The project pinpointed niche areas and potential bottlenecks in customer journeys, empowering the bank to make informed decisions and enhance customer satisfaction.

ABN’s MIS Report is pioneering for being the first in the banking sector in Vietnam to shed light on the significant influence of women buyers. This revelation underscores the importance of women in shaping financial decisions, both within households and in entrepreneurial ventures.

The project was conducted in the last 6 months.

ABN is committed to pushing the boundaries of banking innovation and redefining the landscape. Through the MIS Report project, the bank has once again demonstrated its ability to transform data into actionable insights that drive strategic decision-making.

As ABN continues to find new insights for our clients in various industries, including banking, our work stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer-centricity.

We thank our partners, experts, and customers for making this happen.

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