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Pentaho Open Source Business Intelligence platform

Pentaho BI suite is an Open Source Business Intelligence (OSBI) product which provides a full range of business intelligence solutions to the customers. It has a capability of reporting, data analysis, dashboards, data integration (ETL).
Once the Pentaho platform is fully implemented, the business gets access to a variety of information, including sales analysis, customers and products profitability, HR reporting, finance analysis and reporting and a complex information delivery to the top management.

Pentaho BI Suite is a platform that has a wide range of functionality:


  • Reporting – can satisfy a wide range of business reporting needs. Pentaho reporting provides both scheduled and on-demand report publishing in popular formats such as PDF, XLS, HTML and text. Pentaho Reporting is based on the JFreeReport project.
  • Analysis – provides extensive analysis capabilities that includes a pivot table viewes (JPivot), advanced graphical displays (using SVG or Flash), integrated dashboard widgets, data mining, portal and workflow integration. Additionally, Pentaho Spreadsheet Services allows users to browse, drill, pivot and chart from within Microsoft Excel. Analysis Services are based on Mondrian OLAP (Open Source OLAP Server).
  • Dashboards – all components including Reporting and Analysis can contribute content to Pentaho dashboards. It provides re-usable display widgets (like gauges, dials, charts) which can be embedded into applications, JSPs, or within JSR-168 compliant portals.
  • Data Mining – incorporates Weka, a collection of machine learning algorithms applied to data mining tasks. These algorithms are combined with OLAP technologies to provide intelligent data analysis to end users. Data mining tools can analyze historical data to create predictive models and then distribute this information using Pentaho Reporting and Analysis.
  • Data Integration is realized by an ETL tool called Kettle or Spoon, which was aquired by Pentaho. The tool provides graphical user interface for the job design and high scalability and flexibility for the data processing.

Pentaho tutorial
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