Lack-of-BI Symptoms

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If your organization experiences any of the below issues then probably a BI discussion should take place:

  • Reporting from the bottom up to the CEO takes too much time and the result is not accurate
  • CEO is not empowered with tools to analyze data to get useful business insights
  • The need to integrate data from multiple business applications or data sources
  • Lack of visibility into the company’s operations, finances, and other areas
  • The need to access relevant business data quickly and efficiently
  • Increasing volume of users requiring and accessing information and more end-users requiring analytical capabilities
  • Users still have poor access to data and information.
  • Solution outputs don’t match decision-makers needs.
  • Missing reports, queries analytics.
  • Business decision-making has not improved.
  • Current reporting systems are too complex or hard to use.
  • There are data integrity and/or data accuracy problems.
  • There were/are data conversion problems.

Those organisations would typically be characterised as being less responsive than leading organisations, so very often those organisations that struggle will find it harder to source data, and when they find data they’ll often be discussion about which are the correct data, do people trust the numbers? In areas typically like finance you’ll find that a huge amount of effort and inefficiency is involved in collecting data from different data sources, collecting information from the business when it comes to performing things like budgeting exercises.

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