18 Jan

HSBC further expands cash access network in Singapore

HSBC Partners 7-Eleven to Expand Cash Access Network to 800 Touchpoints Island-wide

HSBC Singapore has announced its partnership with 7-Eleven to offer HSBC customers access to more than 300 of its stores for QuickCash withdrawals. HSBC’s partnership with 7-Eleven will expand its total cash access network by 30% to over cash 800 touchpoints island-wide.

This partnership with 7-Eleven further complements and expands HSBC’s existing fleet of ATMs including those from the ATM5 network and QuickCash participating outlets including Cold Storage, Guardian Health and Beauty and Market Place in Singapore.

Mr. Matthias Dekan, Head of Customer Value Management, HSBC Bank (Singapore) said: “Despite the push for digital payments and electronic fund transfers, cash access remains important for Singaporeans. Partnerships like this one with 7-Eleven, and other retail outlets, means cash access is available within minutes’ walk from wherever you are in Singapore.”

Credit: Hubbis.


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