11 Jan

How we build ABN Buratino, the business copilot that do not lie.

At ABN, we’ve constructed ABN Buratino, a Generative AI for corporations, with a commitment to truthfulness. ABN Buratino utilizes cutting-edge technology, integrating Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) models and Large Language Models (LLM) with Elasticsearch. This combination results in a powerful Generative AI service that prioritizes honesty and precision. Here’s an overview of the sophisticated technology stack and its application:

1. Architecture Overview:
– Generative AI Model: We use the RAG model to feed vector, real-world data to LLM.
– Large Language Models (LLM): We incorporate the latest advancements in Large Language Models to enhance the AI’s comprehension and generation capabilities.
– Elasticsearch: This serves as the core backend for data storage, retrieval, and indexing, ensuring quick and scalable access to information.

2. Recall-Accuracy Trade-off in RAG:
– Recall Enhancement: We fine-tune RAG models to optimize recall, expanding context understanding and reducing the risk of generating inaccurate or misleading information.
– Accuracy Measures: We implement sophisticated accuracy measures to refine the content generated, maintaining a delicate balance between recall and precision.

3. Integration of RAG and LLM:
– Combined Power: We merge the strengths of RAG for contextual understanding with the advanced language processing capabilities of Large Language Models.
– Fine-tuning: We tailor both RAG and LLM to specific business domains, ensuring domain-specific accuracy and relevance.

4. Elasticsearch for Knowledge Base:
– Indexing Data: We utilize Elasticsearch for efficient indexing of vast structured and unstructured data, creating a comprehensive knowledge base.
– Real-time Retrieval: We capitalize on Elasticsearch’s real-time retrieval capabilities to ensure the AI model accesses the most recent information.

5. Enhanced User Interaction:
– Natural Language Processing (NLP): We implement state-of-the-art NLP techniques for understanding user queries in natural language.
– Contextual Responses: We generate responses with consideration for the conversation context, providing more relevant and coherent answers.

6. Ensuring Ethical AI:
– Ethical Guidelines: We adhere to strict ethical guidelines to prevent the generation of misleading or biased information.
– Bias Mitigation: We employ techniques to identify and mitigate biases in the training data, ensuring fair and unbiased responses.

7. Continuous Learning and Improvement:
– Feedback Mechanism: We incorporate a feedback loop that allows users to provide corrections or feedback on generated content, facilitating continuous learning and improvement.
– Model Updating: We periodically update RAG and LLM models based on user feedback and emerging language patterns.

8. Security Measures:
– Data Encryption: We implement robust data encryption measures to secure sensitive information processed by the AI.
– Access Control: We utilize access control mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to the AI model and Elasticsearch.

9. Scalability and Performance:
– Containerization: We leverage containerization technologies (e.g., Docker) for scalability and easy deployment across different environments.
– Load Balancing: We implement load balancing strategies to distribute AI requests efficiently.

10. User-Friendly APIs:
– API Integration: We provide user-friendly APIs for seamless integration into business applications and services.
– Documentation: We offer comprehensive documentation for developers to understand and effectively utilize the AI service.

ABN Buratino’s Generative AI service, powered by RAG, LLM, and Elasticsearch, sets new standards in honesty, accuracy, and reliability, equipping businesses with a reliable and intelligent AI assistant. Contact ABN now to lead in the AI race, and be 10X more productive.

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