BI Reporting

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Reports are a key element of distribution of information in any organization in different formats: pre-defined, dynamic, ad hoc, guided, etc …


We know the distribution of important information in an organization, both internally and externally and create powerful and robust solutions tailored to each Reporting user profile, according to their needs and levels of secured access to information.

Static reports present information in a predetermined manner (sales by month and area). Dynamic reports allow users to interact with information through “drill-down”, filters, etc … to descend to levels of detail.

We do all kinds of reports, from those with predefined format where the goal is to conform to the marked display parameters to those in which users can interact with them, select dates (date picker), filter, etc. …

These reports can also be planned so that it can schedule its execution and delivery by mail (for example, PDF format) every month for monthly sales to each head of region, with a traffic light coding (red, yellow, green ) as a visual alert. Software. Faster. Better. More Reliable. +84945924877 (Asia# Mobile, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Zalo); +16699996606 (US# Mobile, WhatsApp, Telegram) [email protected]

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