31 Oct

Barclays online banking Down

Barclays online banking Down
Source: Express

Barclays online banking is currently down and not working after many customers have complained that they were unable to use the service as normal. Barclays has acknowledged that people “might have a problem logging in” to its online banking service at this time.

A number of customers have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment at the outage. One said: “Barclays, why is it near impossible to log into my online banking this morning?” “Can get on my app fine but need to make a international payment with a certain reference and your app doesn’t give me enough characters.”

In response, Barclays insisted it was working on an “urgent fix” for the outage. It said: “Hi there, apologies for the issues you’re facing. We’re aware of the issues and are working on an urgent fix.”

Another Barclays customer tweeted: “Barclays the online system has been loading for about 15 minutes on Google Chrome and says it’s out of date on explorer, is online banking down?”

Although Barclays online banking appears to be down, the bank has insisted its mobile app and telephone services should be working as normal. Independent outage monitor Down Detector registered over 350 reports at one time from Barclays customers insisting the online service was not working as normal.

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