AsiaBI Products – Key technical features

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BI is the #1 CEO Tool, and at AsiaBI we work with you to get from raw data to beautiful report dashboards in minutes



ETL: stands for “extract, transform and load.” This is a process for combining data from more than one source with different types of information. ETL allows us to pull data from your various sources to analyze report.

OLAP: “Online analytical processing,” or OLAP, is a way of analyzing multiple dimensions of data quickly. Dimensions are such as: sales, product lines, locations, time, etc.

COCKPIT/DASHBOARD: At-a-glance information about your business. Think about the dashboard of your car. All of the information you need to know about your car is right there in one place for quick review. Speed, gas levels, engine RPMs and maybe some error indicators, all within a glance.

KPI: KPI module in BI constantly monitor your organization’s data and give you warnings if things go wrong. E.g.: you could configure a KPI about monthly cost of sales. If it goes beyond a level then you get a warning so you can act.

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DATA MODEL / MASTER DATA MANAGEMENT: Data in organizations often come from very different systems in very different structure & format. There need to be a Data Model which defines what data means what for your business. The process of that is called business model integration and building data model is part of that.

Data Model

Business Intelligence is a complex market with complex products, AsiaBI will guide you through the BI world so you can focus on analyzing your data and growing in your business.

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