15 Jun

ABN Techweek: Netflix

As an engineer, have you ever wondered how Netflix is built? In ABN Techweek this week, we look into Netflix’s overall system architecture. Let’s dive in.

Netflix’s Overall Architecture.

Mobile and web: Netflix has adopted Swift and Kotlin to build native mobile apps. For its web application, it uses React.

Front-end / server communication: Netflix uses GraphQL.

Backend services: Netflix relies on ZUUL, Eureka, the Spring Boot framework, and other technologies.

Databases: Netflix utilizes EV cache, Cassandra, CockroachDB, and other databases.

Messaging/streaming: Netflix employs Apache Kafka and Fink for messaging and streaming purposes.

Video storage: Netflix uses S3 and Open Connect for video storage.

Data processing: Netflix utilizes Flink and Spark for data processing, which is then visualized using Tableau. Redshift is used for processing structured data warehouse information.

CI/CD: Netflix employs various tools such as JIRA, Confluence, PagerDuty, Jenkins, Gradle, Chaos Monkey, Spinnaker, Altas, and more for CI/CD processes.

What have you learnt from this?

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