14 Apr

ABN SalesForce: CEBU PACIFIC AIR “We want to recover relationships, not just resolve cases. What we’re doing with Salesforce will help us create customers for life.”


“We want to recover relationships, not just resolve cases. What we’re doing with Salesforce will help us create customers for life.”

Cebu Pacific Air takes customer care to new heights

Cebu Pacific Air is the Philippines’ largest airline, carrying over 1.5million passengers each month to over 60 domestic and international destinations, including Australia, Japan and Dubai. The airline pioneered the “low fare, great value” strategy in Asia and continues to innovate with a new customer experience strategy and Command Centre for customer care.

Candice Iyog, VP Marketing and Distribution at Cebu Pacific Air, said the airline’s customer strategy went beyond simply resolving customer complaints. “We want to recover relationships, not just resolve cases,” said Iyog. “What we’re doing with Salesforce will help us create customers for life.”

Command Centre brings improved visibility to customer care

The new Command Centre has put customer care at the heart of Cebu Pacific Air. Situated on the executive level of its corporate headquarters, the glass-enclosed office has made customer care more visible and its operations, more accessible.

Executives can walk in at any time and use touch screens to explore real-time data on support cases and customer sentiment. They can also speak to agents for an extra layer of insight on what customers may be experiencing that day.

These conversations and the visible presence of the customer care team, help ensure customer needs and sentiment are considered in every strategic decision made.

Connecting service with social kick-starts success

The Command Centre is the result of a wider service transformation which has brought all of Cebu Pacific Air’s’ customer care agents together as one team. In the past, two teams handled inbound inquiries and complaints. The first managed traditional channels including feedback via web forms, emails and phone. The second managed social media channels for the airline.

The implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud has connected these teams and empowered them to respond in a more consistent and effective way.

“Many vendors said they could build what we needed, but with Salesforce Service Cloud the capability was already there,” said Iyog. “We were also already using Marketing Cloud to respond to customers on social media so there was a short learning curve.”

These factors combined with the project management provided by Third Pillar Business Applications Inc. enabled a rapid go-live. The customer care team is now using Service Cloud alongside Marketing Cloud’s Social Studio, Social Hub and Command Center to provide smarter support.

Jennifer Ligones, President & CEO of Third Pillar Business Applications, Inc. said, “Cebu Pacific has always been at the forefront of airline innovation to delight their customers. Being the first company in Southeast Asia to use Social Studio integrated with Service Cloud, shows their commitment to elevate their customer relationships.”

Creating a deeper understanding of customer needs

The Salesforce solution has allowed Cebu Pacific Air to consolidate reporting and gain a single customer view. It has also enabled the airline to measure and drive improvements. Already, response time on social media has been reduced from a couple of days to an average of 18 minutes, making response 160x faster.

The airline is now focused on improving the quality of responses and taking its understanding of the customer to the next level. It’s capturing new data points from Net Promotor Score and post-flight surveys, and building on its single view of the customer with every interaction.

It plans to use these data points to address customer complaints as a first priority and then to evolve its products and services. The ongoing transformation will see customer care increasingly entrenched in the airline’s operations.

“We want to create an environment where everyone is proactively collaborating around customers’ needs. Salesforce will help us to achieve that goal,” said Iyog.

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